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Our Affiliate Program

What is the RB88 Affiliate Program?

RB88 Affiliate Program offers our affiliates the opportunity to earn lucrative commissions by acquiring customers for RB88. We offers attractive affiliates payouts and our program entails absolutely no costs and no risk to you. To collect generous commissions, all you have to do is to recruit depositing customers for our site. You will share in the Net Winnings (House Profits) every time they place a wager. The more people you refer, the more commissions you receive. There is no maximum to how much you can earn.

How can I join RB88 affiliate program?

Simply fill in the registration form and shortly thereafter a representative will contact you to discuss all the aspects of the Affiliate Program itself. RB88 affiliate program is free to join and is open to anyone.


How do I check my statistics and progress, and how much money I am making?

We have a dedicated team that will be handling your monthly statistic report and inquiries. You will be able to check your reports at your unique RB88 Affiliate Account which will allow you to track the daily movements of your players across all our clients in one place.

Where can I withdraw my commission?

Affiliates who join our program before the 15th day of the month can withdraw commissions earned this month on the 10th day of next month. And affiliates joining our program after (include) the 15th day, commission earned will be calculated with the following month, and can be withdraw at the 10th day of the third month.
For example, if you join us on August 16, you can only withdraw your commission earned in August accumulated with September on October 10th.
Please note: Your minimum withdrawal must be RMB 300 or THB 2,000 every time.

What happens if my Affiliate/Agent account shows negative net earnings?

Your Affiliate/Agent account goes into the negative if your customers win more than they lose. This may happen from time to time but usually your report will show positive earnings. If you show negative earnings for a particular month, that balance will be carried over to the succeeding months until new activity results in positive net winnings above CNY 300, at which time you will be eligible to receive your next commission payment.