How to Earn Commissions

Commission plan

As our valued partner, you will have free access to our marketing tools.You can use these market tools to attract and recruit your players. We will track your click rates, download rates, registration rates and the number of players betting in RB88. Your commission will be based on all these factors.

On top of recruiting players for RB88, you can also introduce affiliates to RB88 by using our referral function in your affiliate login page. Once they have applied and have been approved, they will become your Sub affiliates. RB88 will pay extra 15% of what your sub affiliates earn to you every month. This is what we call double income to you.

Build your empire with the help of your sub affiliates and enjoy the life time commission of 15% of your sub affiliates' income plus up to 40% commission on your total players' loss.

Commission Income(1)

Total Net Win for the Month (RMB) Minimum Active Players Directly under You to Qualify Commission Percentage
1 ̵ 100,000 5 28%
100,000 – 500,000 20 33%
> 500,000 40 40%

Please Note: Apart from the number of the active players mentioned in the above table that the affiliate must meet, you should also ensure that every player you have referred is a genuine active player. Affiliate that fail in meeting the standard requirement will not get they payout.

A sample of how commission is calculated :

Gross winnings of Sportsbook + Casino + Slot + Fishing Game

- Player Bonuses

- Player Rebates

- Player Rewards 

- Admin Cost

= ( Net Winnings )


( Net Winnings ) X % Commission Rate

+ Sport Exchange

+Sub Affiliate Earning

= ( Total Net Earnings )


Commission Income(2)

Sub Affiliate Sub Affiliate Member’s Win/Loss Sub Affiliate’s Income Your Commission, 15% (RMB)
Affiliate A 2,300,000 690,000 103,500
Affiliate B 3,750,000 1,500,000 225,000
Affiliate C 1,666,667 500,000 75,000
Affiliate D -100,000 0 0
Total 403,500

15% of all your sub affiliatess.
Meaning the more sub affiliates you introduce the more income RB88 will be rewarding you monthly.

Criteria in referring customers to RB88:

  1. The player you refer registration date must be later than the date of approval of your affiliate account.
  2. If affiliates have a player account with RB88, it is forbidden to tag under his/her own affiliate accounts.
  3. We will have a standard requirement to each player referred by affiliate, to make sure that player that had been referred are genuine active player (based on No. of Bet, deposited amount, turnover and etc.). Player that referred by affiliate that fail to meet the standard will not consider as an active member.

When do I get my commission paid out and payment methods?

We pay out all affiliate commission by the 10th of the following month. For example, on 10th March you will get your commission for the month of February. Commission will be transferred to your bank account automatically, once you stated your personal information and your bank account.